Saturday, April 28, 2007

Maymont Herbs Galore 2007

Today I went over the river...

Nickel Bridge
and through the woods....

and around the lake...

and beyond the Nature Center...

to the Hampton Street entrance:

to partake in Maymont's annual Herbs Galore plant sale on the Carriage House lawn:

And this was my modest haul:

Stevia (3 plants)
Lemon Verbena (3 plants)
Sweet 100s Tomato (1 plant)

I might have purchased more, but I'm still sore from Thursday! (Oh, my aching hamstrings!) Definitely too sore to plant those right away, and next weekend I'll be out of town, so they will just have to wait a bit. They should be fine, as long as I remember to water them!


At 8:34 AM, Blogger Gotta Garden said...

Hi Mary: I went to this, too! Lol! I went in the afternoon after a RADS meeting...someone there had brought the most divine lemon thyme tea bread that had been purchased at Herbs Galore...

I didn't find the tea bread, but I did find lots of other stuff...great fun!


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