Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just a tiny taste...

Today I spent a large portion of my day downtown at the Convention Center, attending the Maymont Flower & Garden show. Here are just a few images I captured while there:

Actually, this last picture is from my own humble flower bed:

I took lots of pictures today, and want to write a lengthy review of the event here, but the extended report will have to wait, because I leave town tomorrow for three days. Full disclosure will be given sometime next week.

Happy Gardening!

Edited 4/28/07 to add:

I never did get around to writing a detailed review of the flower show, but I did upload more pictures to Flickr - click here to view them.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Signs of Spring?

Hellebore, aka "Lenten Rose"

inside the Hellebore

A momma squirrel nesting, perhaps?

(More of my "Squirrel Hollow" pictures can be found here.)

Not that I'm eager for Spring just yet, when we haven't yet had a good snow around these parts this winter. But, it's always nice to see things blooming.

Next week is the 18th annual Maymont Flower & Garden Show, and Spring won't follow far behind that event. If all goes well, I'll attend and take some pictures to post here. Stay tuned!