Sunday, June 06, 2004

Poor, poor pitiful poison ivy

As mentioned in a previous post, poison ivy always gets worse before it gets better, and this time is no different. Today, after running out of the umpteen bandaids I use to cover it up, and finding limited relief from hydrocortisone cream and ointment, it was back to the drugstore for more options. I started stocking up on everything they had, and found something on the shelf with the calamine lotions called Zanfel, which claims to basically cure you of poison ivy, at any stage of the reaction, and often with just one use. I thought, I've got to try this stuff, and then I looked at the price.

Forty dollars.

For one ounce.

I bought it anyway.

Their website,, has several impressive testimonials, and it is also recommended on this other, noncommercial site,, with numerous ringing endorsements.
The Washington Post reported on it back in 2002: A Rash of Endorsements for a Poison Ivy Cream.

As a woman of science and logic, I will perform my own product testing with myself as guinea pig, and report back on the results after I try it.

Stay tuned....


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