Friday, June 04, 2004

Rain, rain...

It's 64 and rainy today -- not so good for gardening, but God is doing all the watering that I had planned on doing out there today anyway, so really, He took over my garden chore for the day -- thanks God!

In the meantime, I'm calling painting contractors to schedule estimates -- the house hasn't been painted since I bought it ten years ago. So far, my first estimate was way high, and the second one was not much better -- I hope some of the others are lower. I tell ya, dealing with contractors is a crap-shoot. You call twenty, 5 call back, three show up, and the one you pick doesn't return your calls after he's supposedly "finished". Lesson learned: don't pay these guys until after you've inspected the work thoroughly. Also -- you can look up their contractor's license on the State's website, to see if they're legit, and if they have any complaints against them.

I've spent quite a bit of time at home these past months, for various reasons -- unemployment, employment-but-no-assignment, etc., and it has definitely given me more time to garden, which is good, but I'm paying for it now -- I have poison ivy all over my hands, and I somehow got it around my belly-button, don't ask me how! It's a miserable condition, one that always gets worse before it gets better (can take me as long as a month to heal), and those of you out west who don't have the stuff, I envy you!

I bought myself a DVD player last fall and promptly joined Netflix, which I'm loving, although lately there's been a real slow-down in delivery, and I can't tell if it's the USPS to blame, or Netflix, or both. Perhaps I'm noticing it more right now because I'm right in the middle of watching all the Sex and the City DVD's, and it's killing me when I can't pop in the next one when I'm done with the last one. I could always up my membership to have 5 or 8 movies out at a time, but, really, that's just decadent, and normally, when I'm busy and working, that's not realistic anyway. I'm almost done, anyway -- up to Season 5, disk 2 (hopefully arriving tomorrow). That's one of the things I miss about not being on the road -- I don't get HBO at home, although, now that Sex is off the air, what do I care? I liked Six Feet Under, and can't remember if I heard they're bringing that back or not. I'll have to add their latest season to my queue....

I'm going to end this post, for now, so as not to bore the poor reader to death.


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