Saturday, March 11, 2006

Spring has Sprung and I'm not ready!

It's another near-80-degree day and things are starting to pop up in the garden and I still haven't raked out the flower beds -- yikes! This week, for sure!

Cast your eyes upon these lovelies:

Lovely purpley spring crocuses

A close-up

Hellebores, (Lenten Rose), back better than ever

Iris reticulata -- so tiny but such a gorgeous blue


Veronica "Georgia Blue", also a tiny-but-lovely blue


I also have some blue periwinkle that's starting to bloom a bit, but not enough to be photo-worthy today.

My yard is wreck right now -- if I lived in a snootier neighborhood, I might be getting some nasty comments or notes in my mailbox. I may still. My yard guy is supposedly coming next weekend to help with the raking. I needed him here about two months ago. Oh well. Sorry, neighbors!


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