Thursday, October 27, 2005

Just when I'd completely given up...

...on my garden, this pops up:

My little autumn crocus bulbs (corms) I'd planted probably 7 or 8 years ago, (which I'd completely forgotten about and was sure had long since bitten the dust along with everything else in my wretched garden thanks to the worst drought on record), they're showing their lovely heads this week, just to prove me wrong.

This is why I love to garden - the lovely little surprises when you least expect them.

More pictures:

If I were any kind of gardener (or perhaps, any kind of cook), I'd be harvesting all those stamens for saffron. But, as is no surprise to anyone, I'm no kind of cook. The saffron will wither on the vine (stem).

I may be inspired to do some actual yard work, however, now that temperatures have cooled down quite a bit and it's actually pleasant outside. Now where is that rake...?


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